Fair Tax

In 2018, the House passed HR1025, which supports the implementation of a progressive income tax in Illinois. Sara supports a progressive income tax due to its ability to produce stable and sustainable revenues and to put our state fiscal problems in order. The recent resolution is an important first step in bringing a Fair Tax system to Illinois.

Happy Hour

In 2015, Sara was the Chief Sponsor of legislation that updated archaic laws impairing small businesses and reinstated Happy Hour. Happy Hour drink specials had been banned in Illinois since 1989. Sara sponsored the legislation, SB398, due to its benefit to small businesses. Chicago is a culinary destination and the hospitality industry makes up 9% of our state’s workforce, which makes championing small businesses essential to the success of our community.

Two years after Happy Hour was reinstated, there has been no increase in alcohol related crime. Additionally, Happy Hour specials have helped to balance the recent decrease in liquor sales at restaurants and bars due to the rising tendency to purchase from liquor stores rather than going out.