In 2018, Sara co-sponsored and supported bills containing common sense gun reform.  As mass shootings continue to occur, we have learned the horrors of what happens when automatic weapons are put before our children. Sara will continue to support these bills as they move through General Assembly, and will support similar legislation as it is introduced. Sara believes that Illinois must take an active role in ensuring that our community is not torn apart by gun violence.


In December 2012, a federal court ordered Illinois to eliminate a full ban on concealed weapons in public places. In June 2013, the Illinois legislature passed a difficult, yet necessary bill with bipartisan support that would allow FOID card holders the right to carry a concealed firearm in public spaces. This law excludes any building or parking lot on school property, any establishment that earns 50% or more of their gross revenue from alcohol sales, and businesses displaying a notice prohibiting firearms on their property. For a complete list of prohibited places, read the full law here.

Below is a list of five facts about the new law, in addition to resources for business owners and individuals seeking to obtain a FOID card and a concealed carry license.

The new concealed carry law:

  1. Requires that individuals seeking to apply for a concealed carry license must be at least 21 years old
    2.Requires extensive criminal and mental health background checks of applicants
    3. Prohibits guns in schools, bars, and public transportation
    4. Requires 16 hours of training in order to obtain a license
    5. Gives law enforcement authority to seize weapons from individuals who have had their FOID card revoked because of felony convictions, firearm violations, domestic abuse, or mental health reasons


The Illinois Senate Democrats have done a great job explaining the concealed carry law and other concealed carry facts in their “2013 Senate in Review”.  Click here to be linked to their website.

Additional Resources

  • Click here to print out concealed carry signage for your business or property (note: sign must be a least 4×6 and displayed near the front door of your business or property)

  • Click here  to get a list of frequently asked questions on concealed carry from the Illinois State Police’s website

Resources for Gun Owners